MIDI Step Sequencer

In the Studio with Koushion and Ableton

Koushion can control external MIDI devices, digital audio workstation software (Live, Logic, Reason, etc.), and other iOS apps that support background MIDI (Animoog, WaveGenerator, Alchemy, and more).

NOTE: Koushion is a MIDI controller, not a synthesizer, and therefore DOES NOT generate audio. Koushion will work with your DAW, MIDI hardware, and background audio apps (via virtual MIDI).

Windows Users: A third party has developed a CoreMIDI network driver for Windows called rtpMIDI, which will allow you to use Koushion wirelessly with your PC. You can download rtpMIDI here.

Compatible MIDI Connections

  • Automatic integration with other apps via Core MIDI virtual ports
  • Control of external MIDI devices via Core MIDI-compatible devices such as the iRig MIDI and Alesis I/O dock
  • MIDI over Wi-Fi via Core MIDI network sessions (we DO NOT suggest this method due to latency issues)

Core features

  • 16 steps per scene - up to 128 steps in chain mode
  • 8 scenes with independent MIDI channel per scene, independent key, quantization, and playback mode
  • MIDI clock send/receive
  • 4 playback modes - single, simultaneous, chain, rebound
  • Scale - switch between any major, minor, pentatonic, or chromatic scale
  • Adjustable step quantization - 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32
  • Quantized scene switching
  • Tap to set tempo - great for syncing with a live band
  • Velocity and gate control
  • Monophonic drawing mode - only allows one note per step; great for programming leads
  • Optional Dark Theme - reduces eyestrain when working in low-light environments

Download the Setup Guide

Koushion in Action

Mars Landing by Proxima Centauri
Ambient Storm by Proxima Centauri

Platform: iPad Version: 3.2 Updated: June 13, 2013


“Koushion has become my go-to sequencer for generating short to mid-length patterns. I just keep coming up with new uses for it. It's a lot of fun with iPad synth apps. I have a lot of hardware synths and Koushion really brings them to life and lets me keep both hands on the synths for maximum expression."

“Very inspiring interface, the matrix gives you great opportunities for jamming and composing, I am really happy with the result! I love switching the MIDI channels creating overlays and crazy effects!”